October 5, 2019

Buy Through Us Program

You will be happy to learn that all tenants of Sparrow Property Management are automatically enrolled in our Buy Through Us! program. This means we set aside 10% of each month’s rent you pay for the last 12 months, and credit that to you at closing if you use one of Sparrow Realty Group’s Realtors to help you buy your new home. If you are paying $1500 a month in rent for the last 12 months, your credit at closing is $1800. Your credit doesn’t expire even if you move out and rent somewhere else, so you can use this benefit any time in the future. Just give one of us a call (or text us)!

Not sure you can afford the monthly payment? A $200,000 home has an approximate payment between $1300 and $1500. No money saved? You can buy a home with as little as $2,000 in the bank, if you qualify for a downpayment assistance program. Not sure your credit is good enough? We connect you with lenders who tell you if you qualify, or lay out the steps you need to take to get qualified in a short period of time. Make your current lease the last lease you sign!

Please note that this does program does not remove your responsibilities under your lease, but we can work with you to purchase at the end of your lease, get owner concessions for needed extensions to your lease, and/or minimize or eliminate costs of leaving your lease early—IF, you Buy Through Us! 

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