Slum lords make less money as investors

Slum lords leave money on the table. A well-cared for property is smart business for you as an investor: (1) Prime condition properties rent and sell for more, and they rent faster (reducing the dreaded turnover cost). (2) Tenants stay longer in well-cared for homes. The main concern every tenant has is: will you fix[…]

Guide to Buying & Selling Historic Homes in Central Florida

Earlier this month we sold the house next door to ours. It was built in 1927, and designed by the first architect in Seminole County, Elton J. Moughton. A few years ago we had the experience of helping someone buy their dream home in the historic district of Sanford. Both transactions have inspired us to[…]

Finding the History of Your Central Florida Home

Finding the History of Your Central Florida HomeCentral Florida started expanding at the turn of last century, and since then its growth has exploded! Even if your home was built after 1980, every neighborhood and its residents have an interesting past to uncover. You may want to contribute to some of the groups who collect stories and histories from the Orlando-Metro area. We gathered together some resources to help you learn more about your Central Florida home.

The best place to begin your search is with the building and property records of your home. County history centers and local courthouses maintain building permits, real estate listings, photographs, maps, neighborhood plans (Sanborn maps), artifacts, exhibits, and official public records. Also these organizations record histories capturing the lives and tales of the residents and leaders in Central Florida. Your mid-Florida Realtor can also view the transaction history of your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). […]