What if you didn’t pull a permit to do work on your home?

Many repairs and updates don’t require a permit but many do. Here’s a list of repairs that require a permit that you might not know about: door and window replacement, a/c replacement, major plumbing repairs, water heater replacement, some roofing repairs. What if you did the work yourself, you didn’t get a permit, and are[…]

Market Update May 2016: Summer Sales Heating Up

May was a good month for our clients, with two closings and four properties under contract. Without sounding too much like a broken record each month, we continue to see a rise in sales and prices compared to this time last year as well as last month. All types of home sales were up almost[…]

The Dos & Don’ts of a Delightful Loan Process

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, or a seasoned real estate mogul, refresh your loan savvy with these dos and don’ts. DO – Update your information with the lender.  Alert your mortgage broker and lender to any change of address, job, salary, marital status, etc. As part of the closing documents, you will be required to[…]