Cell Phones, Schools, & Real Estate Values

Cell Phones, Schools & Real Estate Values

The two best predictors of future real estate value and appreciation a home are
(1) the quality of schools nearby, and
(2) the rent that home will receive if it were a rental.

Is that tried and true formula changing?

How’s my cell phone coverage here? People regularly hold up their cell phone in the middle of a home they are looking at to see if they get good coverage. Root metrics surveyed 2,000 U.S. adults and found that 76 percent ranked mobile services as important. By comparison, 60 percent identified good schools as important.

U.S. adults in all age groups ranked mobile phone service higher than schools. Hospitals ranked as high as cell phone service when averaging all age groups, but healthcare was overwhelmingly favored by older adults. 96% of Americans care about crime rate (96%), local taxes (90%), and shops/parks/restaurants (84%), according to RootMetrics.

Cell phone coverage probably won’t be changing real estate values any time soon. Carriers continually add more towers, and all carriers have home-based personal towers that utilize your high speed internet to boost your cell reception. I use one of these in my block and plaster/lathe home that is so solid that signals don’t travel well inside. I get 5 bar reception BUT there is no handoff to or from the external based towers when I come or go while on my mobile phone, guaranteeing a dropped call.

Schools and rents are still the best long term indicators of real estate values, and they still should be weighted heavily when considering a real estate purchase. But, that won’t curb my habit of looking at what my phone reception is wherever I go.