How to Find a Great Rental Home

Finding the best rental home is quite different than finding a house to buy (click here to see how to do that, if you are interested).

You need to look several places:

1. MLS (Multiple Listing Service). This is secret code for houses Realtors list and can show. These are usually the best houses on the rental market. Go to our link just below the one you clicked to get here to find these, or download the app on your smart phone. We can show you any of the homes you find here, and usually have access to the information you need about move-in dates, pets, etc.

2. or or  — these tend to have the same listings on them (and many are on You need to arrange showings and get information yourself from the contact there, but you should look here after you look on our website to find anything that is not listed there.

3. — CAUTION. THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMS ON But, there are also good rental homes, too (we advertise all our rental homes there also). If the rent sounds ridiculously low, it is probably a scam to get you to pay a security deposit that you will never see again. But, if you are cautious, craigslist is a good, additional place to find rental homes. ALWAYS go to the property appraiser’s website for the county you are looking in and pull up the property record so you know the owner’s name. If you are dealing with someone who is not the owner, you should only deal with a licensed real estate agent. Anyone else is probably scamming you.

4. Drive the neighborhoods and call off of signs. Many owners will put a sign in the yard and not put it on the Internet.

5. Ask everybody you know and ask your friends on Facebook if they know of any rental homes that meet your criteria.

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