March 8, 2014

Rave Reviews

I live in California and have investment properties in Florida.  What I value most about Brian and Ingrid is their attention to detail, honesty and business savvy.  Over the last 8 years they've given invaluable advice which helped me make sound decisions regarding the purchase and management of my properties.  I value honesty above all else, and to have it coupled with knowledge of market trends and organization is a recipe for success.  I highly recommend them for any of your real estate needs.

Suzanne Konkel Investor September 16, 2019

We were interested in looking at, and possibly investing in, rental properties in the Central Florida area.  Brian, from Sparrow Realty Group, agreed to give us a bit of background, show us around the different areas and provide both real working examples of homes managed and those that were currently for sale that he and his team could help us get in to and provide on-going support.
We had given Brian and his team a pretty tight timeframe to work with and a general idea of what we wanted during a recent visit to the central Florida region.  He was able to have a few conversations with us beforehand to hone in on exactly what would be the best approach for the time we had given him.
Right away it was clear that Brian had put a lot of thought and time in to preparing for our visit.  He was extremely organized and knew exactly the approach that would suit us.  He was flexible with timing when we wanted to focus in more at some properties but overall knew best how to pace the afternoon so it was a pleasant experience for us.
When we arrived at the scheduled time he had prepared a couple of packets of information that we were able to refer to throughout the afternoon.  These were also quite useful after the day to refer back to and use for notes, etc.  He had worked up some figures of where different properties could go in terms of on-going costs, mortgages, taxes, etc so it was nice not to have to do this in my head and instead have it in front of us as we were traveling along.  In addition during the entire time he was able to provide us with information on the area, past trends, current developments and expected changes for the area, city and region that were/are important in decision making for buying a property.
Brian took us around to show us various properties and answering our questions on tenancy, buying and repairs/maintenance of the properties.  He has many, many years of real world experience at all ends of the spectrum (specifically to property) and this is so very valuable when it came to me first inquiring with him about the properties.
The day went extremely smoothly thanks to Brian's planning and impeccable timing.  We obtained the information we wanted and Brian provided a very value added afternoon of information that we could have not obtained on our own and I doubt we could have received through another company in the time and manner we had requested.
I can without hesitation say that Brian and his group have the highest level of integrity that I have ever dealt with in this industry.  I would, without a doubt, trust him to give me honest and candid advice that I could use to make good decisions.  He has so many years of real world experience that to be able to have him at least as a resource; and at most as my real estate manager, real estate agent or anything else to do with real estate, goes without saying.
I would highly, highly recommend Brian and his group at Sparrow Realty.  I used to work in the industry over a decade ago and have dealt with countless individuals, companies and others and I can 'hands down' say that Brian is the one individual/group that I would use time and time again over anyone else.  I have sent my parents through him and I would send other family members and any friends to him if they needed the services of his company in Florida.
Thank you Brian and Sparrow Realty Group.  You truly are heads and shoulders above the rest.  I hope anyone reading this will give your company a try as I know they won't be disappointed.  Thank you for your time in September on my whirlwind trip through the city and I hope to be in contact soon.

Nick Bruellman Orlando, FL October 26, 2015

Brian and Ingrid went out of their way to assist us in finding and purchasing a new home in the Orlando area.   Being from out of town, we were at a disadvantage, but their diligence and flexibility made the difference.   They provided listings per our specs almost daily; they accommodated periodic trips from Chicago, pre-planning and then touring us between neighborhoods as we tried to figure out what we wanted and what was available in those areas.   We even did some ‘virtual walk-throughs’… with Brian doing FaceTime as we watch from Chicago.   They were never pushy or exasperated with us…just consummate professionals.    We would highly recommend them, would use them again, and have already had the opportunity to refer friends and family.   Great folks!

Nancy & George Chessum Orlando, FL October 26, 2015

Brian and Ingrid helped sell our house along with finding a new house for us to live. Brian and Ingrid helped us sell our house 4 hours into the first day it was listed.  They came in, toured the house, provided a suggested list price along with the data to back up their suggestion.  We quickly agreed on a list price and immediately saw their attention to detail as they took photos of the house.  Ingrid understood the proper lighting for each room as well as the outside of the house and she actually waited around for 30 minutes to capture external pictures of the house in just the right light.  They were quick to return calls and always provided knowledgeable, honest insights - even when they knew it wasn't something that we wanted to hear.  I would absolutely use them again and have already recommended them to several friends looking to sell their houses.

Ryan Ruth Winter Park, FL October 21, 2015

Brian and Ingrid Dodd worked together to find my husband and I the perfect first home. They worked diligently from beginning to end, educating us on everything about the market, offering insight on locations and trends, and in the end, sold us our very first home. Brian and Ingrid Dodd has been referred to us from a friend who had recently purchased a home through them. They were described as honest, friendly, and fun realtors who also had excellent knowledge of the area we wanted to live in. After exchanging a few emails and outlining specifications for our new home, we met Brian and Ingrid for the first time at a less than perfect home. (It most definitely wasn't their fault, I had actually found this fixer-upper on a home search and they immediately and with all honestly let us know that they would not feel comfortable selling us this home, especially as first time home owners. The floors were showing signs of termite damage and there was still PLENTY of other work that it looked like it needed.) I bring this initial interaction up because this was the first sign of Brian and Ingrid's character. They were never afraid to "lose the sale" by telling us what we needed to know as first time home buyers. We were completely uneducated in the real estate world and I knew from the beginning that I could trust them as partners in our search for our first huge investment. Fast forward a few months through other home viewings, awkward layouts, and unlikely neighborhoods, we finally found the right home! They were able to refer home insurance providers, a great home inspector who they work with regularly, an equally trustworthy lender, and everything else we needed. Their network is extensive and they maintain a high standard as to who they will work with. At no point did I have to worry about if we were being taken advantage of, and we had the added benefit of knowing that they had also sold homes to 3 different friends we knew. We continue to have a great relationship with Brian and Ingrid, even inviting them to be a part of wedding. I highly recommend Sparrow Realty and am already excited to work with them again for our next home purchase.

Frances Santi Orlando, FL October 21, 2015

First they helped us with our home financing in 2006 later they helped us find our next home in 2014. We are so pleased with the service they provide, they are very caring, honest and professional. They look out for your best interest, either by giving you the best advise or guiding you through the process.

Elizabeth Espinal Oviedo, FL October 21, 2015

Helped us buy our first home and 4 years later turn it into a rental property. Brian and Ingrid are fantastic. We were young first-time homebuyers and they made the process very simple. They are very knowledgeable on the area and gave us great insight regarding different things to consider when looking at a wide range of properties. Four years laters, they helped us turn our home into a great rental property. They do a great job managing our property and found us renters in just a few days. Bottom line: they know their stuff, are easy to work with and are beyond trustworthy and reliable. You can't go wrong with them!

Ryan Collman Orlando, FL October 8, 2015

Brian and Ingrid helped us purchase a home in Florida while we were in the process of relocating from Oklahoma to Florida. Brian and Ingrid were amazing to work with. They were very patient and informative when we weren't sure if we wanted to rent or buy, and gave us all of our options and allowed us to make a decision without pressure. They helped us narrow down our selection remotely, and set aside two full days to spend with us when we traveled to Florida to look at houses. Again, they were totally patient and informative when we were indecisive. They were extremely knowledgeable about the area and were able to to answer every question we threw at them. When we found a house that we loved, they recommended an amazing network of resources to assist with other needs. Their support didn't end after we closed on our house, they've followed up with us many times, helped us trim a tree, let us borrow tools, etc. We have since recommended them to family, and know that they are in the best hands for any real estate needs. We will definitely use Brian and Ingrid for any of our future real estate needs and will recommend them every chance we get!

Susan Human Orlando, FL October 8, 2015

Brian and Ingrid are very knowledgeable in real estate investment and the subsequent property management. They possess Warren Buffet type of insights in real estate investments. They are very responsible and resourceful in property management business. This is particularly important for me as an international investor. It has been operating really well! Brian and Ingrid helped me purchased a A+ property. It has appreciated at least 10% in value, and additional 20% appreciation when converted in C$, my home currency. Brian and Ingrid have managed the rentals well that I don't have to worry a thing! Their services are highly recommended.

Yiling Zhang Orlando, FL October 8, 2015

They assisted in purchase and financing of three homes. They manage the properties smoothly and seamlessly. Superb, conscientious service. They are wise in the world of finance and investment. They are patient and honest. This wonderful couple have become my staunch friends.

Cindy Simonton Sanford, FL October 8, 2015

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