Searching for a Brand New Abode or a Lovable Lemon?

choosing the right home - blogIn February of this year the Wall Street Journal reported that Orlando fell on the list of “metro areas with the most fixer uppers listed for sale.” Often purchasing a fixer upper saves money, but there are ways to tell if it’s right for you. We’ve gathered the profiles of four types of homes to search for that run the gambit from “huge time and money investment” to “brand, spanking new.” There may be some options that surprise you.

1front (2)The Lovable Lemon Dwelling

“If you can’t be handsome, be handy.” – The Red Green Show

This is one of our favorite quotes and it totally applies to searching for a home that needs some care! The first sign of a lovable lemon is in the listing description with phrases like “as-is.” When viewing this home buyers may think “I can picture a more open layout,” or “the bathroom shower is disgusting.” It is important to keep certain repairs in mind. Large projects like the roof, foundation, or framing can be expensive.

The Lovable Lemon Dwelling is right for you if:

– You love taking on a project (even Ikea furniture or assembling children’s toys).
– You’re handy, or you’re willing to learn to be handy ( has some great tutorials).
– You have an eye for design.
– You want to save money on your initial purchase of a home.
– You’ll be able to fund projects overtime.
– You have time on weekends and holidays.
– You’re patient.

1exteriorfrontThe Cosmetic Makeover Crib

“There is a kind of beauty in imperfection.” – Conrad Hall

Not quite full remodel, not quite move-in ready, these homes can be deceivingly simple to fix up without a lot of time and money. They generally have good bones, like a newer roof and appliances, pleasant layout, and attractive cabinets and vanities. What throws buyers off of these homes are visual elements like the carpets, wallpaper, or fixtures. Cosmetic fixes are easy and cost-effective to change, they just require a little imagination.

The the Cosmetic Makeover Crib is perfect if:

– You only have enough time for small projects.
– You want to add value without a lot of work.
– You have some time before you move in.
– You have a limited budget for repairs.
– You want to infuse your house with your style.
– You are able to see potential.
– You enjoy bargain shopping at garage sales or home improvement stores.

blog titleThe Eco Vintage Villa

“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.” – Tony Viscont

Recent trends in environmentally friendly practices have lead certain buyers to be attracted to the eco vintage villa. These homes might be a time capsule of a different era, and to remodel them might take away from their overall charm, or add to the pile at a landfill. They range from move-in ready to requiring repairs or minor remodels.

The Eco Vintage Villa is your place if:

– You want a home with character.
– You are committed to keeping the original character of the home.
– Reduce, reuse, recycle is your mantra.
– You’re interested in historical homes.
– You’re not concerned with the age of certain things.
– You want to do some repairs, but are also okay with things as is.
– Your budget for repairs is limited.
– You want to save money on your initial purchase of a home.

_DSC0152The Brand New Abode

“Home is the nicest word there is.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Brand new-adobes, or the move-in ready home, have their own advantages. They’re clean, nicely laid out, with nice appliances and cabinets. They also might have durable flooring like lush carpet, tiles, or hardwood. The structure of the house is sound. Moving in to these homes is a breeze.

The Brand New Abode is for you if:

– You use weekends or holidays to relax.
– You aren’t handy, or don’t want to do manual labor.
– You value energy efficiency or new technology.
– Your budget allows for a higher initial payment on your home.
– You need a peaceful, clean space to live in.
– You need to see it before you believe it.
– You want the most up-to-date appliances, cabinets, and layouts.

So there you have it, the lovable lemon, the cosmetic makeover crib, the eco vintage villa, and the brand new abode. Which one is right for you? Are you considering more than one option?