To Pool or Not To Pool?

To Pool or Not to Pool- (1)

There are two main considerations: costs and safety. If you want a pool, it is a much more economical to buy a home with an existing pool rather than to install one. If you buy a home with a pool it may add $10,000 to the price whereas installing the same pool in the same house may cost $40,000 in today’s dollars.


Ten Ways We Sell Your Home for Top Dollar

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1. A trained photographer takes 100 high-quality, memorable listing photos using a DSLR camera.

92% of house-hunters search the internet for homes, and 60% of buyers select the homes they will view by the pictures they see on the internet. Many agents take crooked pictures with bad lighting and dubious framing on a phone because they forgot their camera. Our photographer uses a top-end Nikon digital camera with wide angle and other lenses, tripod for natural lighting, professional flash for darker rooms, and the “magic hour” for exterior pictures so they really pop. Homes advertised with DSLR (digital single-lens reflex camera) images are more likely to sell quickly for top dollar than are those marketed with common point-and-shoot photos.

2. We create a custom website for your home using your address, such as

On this website we can post an unlimited number of pictures, a virtual tour, and video. Then you, everyone you know, everyone we know and all of our real estate partners have a powerful link we can email, share on Facebook and social media and 360+ real estate related websites.