What Buyers and Builders Love and Hate in 2016

With Valentine’s Day this Sunday we thought we’d take a look at what home builder and buyers are falling in love with this year and what they’re growing to hate. Looking for a home can be a complicated relationship.

I’d Walk a 1,000 Miles for You, Walk-In Closet

The National Association of Home Builders recently surveyed home builders regarding the features they are likely to include in homes built in 2016. You can see their full report here. The most likely features are owner’s bedroom walk-in closets, laundry rooms, and great rooms. Builders are designing homes with energy savings in mind. Low-e windows, Energy Star® appliances, and programmable thermostats made the top ten list of likely features.

These loves got us thinking, what do home buyers in Central Florida want this year as they’re looking for homes? Our buyers seek homes with walkability, technology (especially entertainment options), move-in ready condition, how it fits with their lifestyle, and proximity to work.

Sharing is Caring

Another national trend on the horizon is homes designed with roommates, extended families, or guests in mind, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Buyers desire ways to comfortably share space while reducing costs or generating income. Space-sharing sites like Airbnb are a way to earn extra cash, and many hosts enjoy meeting new people and informing them about the local spots of their city. Changes in the nuclear family with college grads moving back home, or splitting rent with roommates, has created demand for more bathrooms, and separate suites.

Outdoor Amenities Burned

On the flip side the NAHB found that builders are least likely to install cork floors, pet washing stations, and laminate countertops (granite is still wildly popular at #9 on the most likely list) in the homes they build this year. Outdoor spaces will become simpler without fireplaces and kitchens. Two-story homes also are falling out of favor.

In addition to the builders least preferred features, most of our Central Florida buyers shy away from awkward layouts, fixer-uppers, busy streets, high-maintenance landscaping, small bedrooms, dated kitchens, and wallpaper.

All of these trends are subjective to the buyer and builder. Whether you love or hate them, expect to see a few of them pop up over the next few months.