What if you didn’t pull a permit to do work on your home?

Many repairs and updates don’t require a permit but many do. Here’s a list of repairs that require a permit that you might not know about: door and window replacement, a/c replacement, major plumbing repairs, water heater replacement, some roofing repairs. What if you did the work yourself, you didn’t get a permit, and are now selling your home? Buyers scrutinize every aspect of the house they are hoping to buy, including work that has been done.

Not getting a permits may save you money and time, but a permit means a qualified official has reviewed your plans and inspected the repair for a standard of quality – which ultimately protects you. But if you didn’t get a permit it’s important to protect yourself from liability by fully disclosing everything that was done, especially things that are not visible. You don’t want a buyer to hold you accountable for an issue that wasn’t clearly detailed before the sale became final. And of course, a buyer should get a thorough independent inspection prior to purchase.

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