What You Should Know About Selling Your House with Pets

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We loves pets here at The Sparrow but we know having pets can be tricky if you want to protect the investment you’ve made, you’re looking to rent a pet-friendly house, or you’re trying to sell your home. We’ve collected our best advice we can give to sellers, home owners, or renters with pets to make a sale or move out run smoothly. These preventative measures can save time and hassle further down the road.

Keep It Clean!

First and foremost, the best thing you can do to improve your chances of selling a home is to keep it clean and free of pet odors. Some of these suggestions are also handy for renters who would like their deposit back, and home owners who want to keep their house ship-shape.

Carpets and Walls
– When cleaning the carpets, ask for or use a cleanser with Pet Enzyme.
– Try to clean up accidents as soon as they happen.
– Be sure to patch, or paint any scratches or chew marks on baseboards or walls.

Daily Maintenance (especially important if you’re selling and want to be show ready at all times)
– Sweep up hair, dirt and dust from the floor and baseboards.
– Remove pet waste from the yard.
– Wipe nose prints and paw marks from windows and sliding doors.

When a Showing is Scheduled
– Remove pet beds and food dishes.
– Consider leaving a pet with family or a kennel during the first few weeks of busy showings.
– Take the pet on a walk, or make sure they are in a crate and out of the way during a showing.
– However friendly a pet may be, they can distract buyers from looking at your home.

Is Your Neighborhood Pet-Friendly?

Buyers with pets might be interested in knowing if there are nearby doggie bag stations, emergency vets, kennels, pet supply stores, trail access points, and dog parks. Also keep in mind if your HOA or Property Manager has restrictions on dogs of a powerful breed.

Best dog parks in Central Florida
– Best hikes in the Orlando Area
Orlando Magazine’s Best of Orlando 2015 for vets, kennels, and pet pampering.

Pet-Friendly Upgrades

Lots of potential buyers and renters own pets, and are interested in homes that can accommodate their needs. If you have a pet and are considering a few upgrades around your home, here are some ideas.

– Is your landscaping safe for your pet? Here is the ASPCA’s list of toxic and non-toxic plants.
– Fences are a big plus for buyers and renters with dogs, as well as these other suggestions for backyard doggie upgrades.
– Have you heard of the new trend called a catio? Zillow recently posted some catio inspiration.
– If you’d prefer some upgrades that can move with you, check out This Old House’s DIY ideas for pet projects.