October 30, 2015

Important Documents

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Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act says everybody has a right to pick where they will live, and that no one will be excluded from a home or neighborhood based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, handicapping conditions and familial status in relation to the purchase, sale or rental of a residence. We obey this law and do not discuss “the kind of people” that make up a neighborhood. Central Florida and its neighborhoods are wonderfully diverse. If you want to see a particular subdivision, we are happy to show it to you. We are unable to filter out or filter in certain kinds of people in our search for your home. It’s the law.

A to Z Addenda for Just About Anything

Emergency Supplies Checklist

Protect Your Family in Homes Built Before 1978

Resident Center Guide


As-Is Purchase Offer

A to Z Addenda for Just About Anything

Repairs Purchase Offer


All About My House For Sale

A to Z Addenda for Just About Anything

Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act

HOA Community Disclosure

Sample Listing Agreement

Seller Property Disclosure


All About My House for Rent

Background Checks on Renters

Eviction Process

Florida Landlord-Tenant Act

Holding Deposit Agreement

Military Service Termination of Lease

Pet Policy & Screening

Resident Selection Criteria

Sample Lease

Sample Management Agreement

Tax Info for Rental Homes